Maximize Revenue Cycle Efficiency

Ensure compliance and maximum reimbursement by promoting collaboration between departments of coding and AR.

Management of the revenue cycle includes understanding and improving the life of a claim to maximize efficiency and quick and clean payments.
Coders may not always be fully involved in the revenue cycle, but they are absolutely crucial.

Believe it or not, if you are a coder, you probably know more about the practices of the revenue cycle than you do!

Accounts receivable (AR) managers are looking at rejection and denial trends to improve and maximize the revenue of their customers; the share of these data with coders can help improve conformance and reduce claim denials.Many companies have separate coders and AR departments, which often do not work together.

Experienced coders and AR managers work together to achieve a common goal in the best practices.
Each position usually has a certain number of skills.

If both of these skills are found, this person can bring a wealth of knowledge that will improve the management of the front and back end of the revenue cycle.

Let’s examine the knowledge and knowledge involved in each role.


Author: cptmedical