99214 CPT Code

What is the CPT code for established patient?

The 99214 CPT Code is for an evaluation and management of an established patient. This encounter must involve a medically appropriate history, examination, and moderate level of medical decision making. The date of encounter must be at least thirty minutes.

There are other modifiers for office visits and outpatient care, as well. For example, a physician may claim a code for an evaluation if the visit includes more than one part.

Health Care Provider

99214 CPT CodeThis CPT code 99214 is for non-face-to-face encounters with a healthcare provider, such as telehealth. It should be reported on days when other E/M codes are reported. It is not appropriate to report services that last less than 20 minutes.

In other words, you should only use 99214 for the time you spend with a patient. The only difference is the time documented. The time documentation represents the length of the service, not the amount of time the provider spent with the patient.

What is a 99214 CPT code?

An office visit consists of a comprehensive history and physical exam. The medical decision making is of moderate complexity. In addition, counseling may be provided for the patient and his or her family. The presenting problem is typically of moderate to high severity.

The duration of the encounter is usually twenty-five minutes. In some cases, the physician may also perform other services, such as a laboratory test. This CPT Code is applicable for a variety of clinical settings.