87426 CPT Code

Code CodingĀ  87426

The 87426 CPT Code reports the detection of COVID-19 antigen. It is a multiple-step method, qualitative and semiquantitative, and a COVID-19 code. For additional information on this new code, you should consult the June 2020 special edition of CPT Assistant.

The updated guide includes descriptions and clinical examples for three other newly added codes. You should check out the latest edition of the book to learn about the latest changes to CPT codes.

Does the AMA own CPT codes?

The American Medical Association (AMA) has provided a comprehensive guide to the new CPT code. In addition to providing guidance on how to code the tests, the AMA will continue to keep physicians updated on the CDC’s resources.

The AMA also offers a physician’s guide on the COVID-19 virus. The AMA has an overview of COVID-19 and its associated diseases. The JAMA Network and JN Learning provide an overview of the new codes.

Code added to COVID-19 CPT code

AMA recently announced the addition of a COVID-19 CPT(r) code. This code, 87426, describes the immunoassay technique for the detection of infectious agents, including SARS-CoV and sarcoma-cocviruses. Although COVID-19-specific, this code is not specific to the virus. In addition, this code includes information about two new proprietary laboratory analysis testing codes.